Maria Zakharova: Cooperation with the Gorchakov Fund is a mutually inspiring process

20 November 2015

The major event of the second day of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends was a visit to the Russian Foreign Service. The participants had a meeting with Head of the Information and Press Department of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova.


The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested an open discussion in the questions-and-answers framework to the audience. The guests of the briefing were interested in many things – they wanted to hear from Maria Zakharova an assessment of the events in the Middle East, Russian-US relations, the Ukrainian crisis, post-Soviet space and prospects for cooperation with China.


Tigran Shadunts, who was representing Armenia at the meeting of the Club of Friends, asked Ms. Zakharova to share her opinion about the Gorchakov Fund and its place in the public diplomacy of Russia.


Maria Zakharova acknowledged that she was satisfied with cooperation between the MFA and the Gorchakov Fund. According to her, cooperation with the Fund is “a mutually enriching, mutually inspiring process”.


In the first half of the working day, the friends of the Gorchakov Fund were talking about coupling of the Eurasian Economic Union with the Economic Belt of the Silk Road. Representatives of the International School of Management Skolkovos – young scientists Dmitry Ontoyev and Oleg Remyga – made a presentation on that topic.


Their colleague Yekaterina Molchanova presented her research “Unknown Russia: energy of entrepreneurs”.


The program of the day was completed by watching the documentary “Yevgeny Primakov. 85” in the circle of friends. The participants of the meeting in Moscow received an opportunity to once again reflect on the life and achievements of the outstanding Russian diplomat, public figure and teacher.

Photo by Tigran Shadunts.