May 28, Moscow. Youth session “The Primakov Readings – 2018”

25 May 2018

On May 28, a youth session of the annual International Scientific and Expert Forum “The Primakov Readings” will open in Moscow. The discussion was organized by Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO RAS), the Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

A meeting of young researchers in the field of international relations from numerous regions of Russia and neighboring countries will take place at the roundtable “Risks of the Unstable World Order: A Perspective of the Youth”.

The event will be opened by Executive Director of the Primakov Center Roman Grishenin and Director of IMEMO RAS, Corresponding Member of RAS Fedor Voitolovsky.

During the roundtable meetings with guest experts will be organized. Deputy Director of IMEMO RAS, Member of RAS Vasily Mikheev will give a lecture “The Asia-Pacific Region: Competition of Formats and the Korean Nuclear Problem” and Deputy Head of Economic Theory Unit at IMEMO RAS, Corresponding Member of RAS Sergey Afontsev will make a report “A Ghost of Protectionism in the World Economy: Is It So Scary?”

The attendees together with the experts will discuss current trends in international relations and present their own vision of global risks and ways to overcome them.

Winners of the contest will become guests of the forum “The Primakov Readings” on May 29-30 and will receive an opportunity to meet with top experts, former and current politicians, and businessmen.

The organizers of the roundtable aim at promoting the intellectual heritage of outstanding scientist and politician Yevgeny Primakov and supporting young scientists in the field of international relations.

Program of the youth session at the Primakov Readings on May 28, 2018