MFA of Russia stressed critical importance of relations with Germany. Following results of the Russian-German Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings

17 May 2017

The first Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings organized by the Gorchakov Fund and the German-Russian Forum was held in Moscow on May 11.


According to Director of the Third European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Nechayev, the strategy of developing relations between Moscow and Berlin has great importance not just for the two countries, but for Europe overall, informs RIA Novosti.


“The strategy of our relations is important not only for our two countries, but it is important for all Europe – including due to the fact that now, in view of the certain international events, Germany is viewed as a leader of the European Union”, said Nechayev at the opening of the Russian-German Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meeting.


The diplomat believes that it also happened because Germany “was able to keep a solid political series of politicians, who understand European and international processes well”.


“The fact that during the post-war period we have overcome that history – very difficult, very painful, when on both sides there were many people, who were looking at each other through a sighting notch. We were able to overcome hostility accumulated by then, separation and become not only good neighbors, but the most important strategic partners in Europe by using joint efforts”, stated the high-ranking Russian diplomat.

In this regard, he urged when appealing to history “to look attentively into the future and make necessary conclusions”. “We at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are interested in your opinion on how to develop what we call “a positive agenda” with the Germans – where we can restore common grounds… I will be happy if we can jointly built such common future with the Germans, which will allow us looking forward with confidence”, said Nechayev.


He reminded that our countries “had done a lot in political, economic and cultural-humanitarian areas”. “I believe that not many others in Europe understand each other better than Russians understand Germans and Germans understand Russians”, stressed Nechayev. – “I hope very much for your fresh ideas and your interest in finding ways to overcome separation, which recently we had to observe”.


In his turn, Chairman of the Management Board of the German-Russian Forum Matthias Platzeck added that the dialogue between the counties was getting stronger, informs Vechernyaya Moskva.


“Fortunately, over the past one-two years there were many attempts to have a dialogue. Recently, parliamentarians of Bundestag came here, the Federal Chancellor visited Sochi, where she met with the President of the Russian Federation”, mentioned Matthias Platzeck.

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