Moscow welcomes friends! The Annual Meeting of the Gorchakov Club is opening!

18 November 2015

Today, Moscow is welcoming friends again! On this gloomy November day, when winter and fall are fighting for spheres of influence over the people’s mood, when it is hard to understand whether it is raining or snowing, we are not feeling blue. The long-awaited meeting of the Gorchakov Fund is starting today! There are only a few hours left before the moment when we will get together in a cozy auditorium for the official ceremony of admitting new friends into the Club.


During 13 months after the meeting last year, we have always been staying in touch. We ran across each other at conferences, discussed issues at roundtables and exchanged opinions in social media. And still we missed each other.

That is why we are impatiently counting hours left before the moment when we can say “Hello, my friend!”.