National Cinema Days were held in Moscow with support of the Gorchakov Fund

19 April 2016

On April 16-18, National Cinema Days were held at the Moscow House of Journalists with support of the Gorchakov Fund. The organizer of the event was the Confederation of the Unions of Cinematographers of the CIS States, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia headed by member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends Rustam Ibragimbekov.


Films “Song of Songs” by Ukrainian director Eva Naymann, “1944” by Estonian director Elmo Nuganen, “Heavenly Nomadic” by Kyrgyz director Mirlan Abdykalykov, “The Caucasus Trio” by Eldar Shengelaia and “Peace to us in our dreams” by Lithuanian director Sarunas Bartas were included in the program of the festival. All the films were nominated for receiving national cinematography award the Nika Award for 2015.


National Cinema Days brings back traditions of a once bigger Forum of National Cinematographers, where works by directors of the Soviet space had been presented. These days Chamber Cinema Hall of the House of Journalists was full of connoisseurs of authentic cinema. Before the screenings, the audience had an opportunity to talk to the authors of the films. One of the founders of the event Rustam Ibragimbekv also became a screenwriter and producer of the film “The Caucasus Trio”, which is telling a touching story of love and hatred between families, separated by the conflict.

A discussion of the films was held during the last day of the screenings.