On the edge of “fighting for Eurasia”: The School of Eurasian Integration has opened in Moscow

01 October 2018

On October 1, an official opening ceremony of the International School of Eurasian Integration “The Eurasian Economic Union: Shaping the Outline of the Future” took place in Moscow. Organizers of the school are the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), the Eurasian Development Bank and the Russian International Affairs Council. The project for young scientists, experts, entrepreneurs and government officials from the EEU member countries is held annually in the capital of the country holding chairmanship in the Eurasian Economic Union.

According to Chairman of the EEC Board Tigran Sarkisyan, the EEU has already been formed as a regional economic union and nobody is arguing this fact anymore. The labour and services market has been established between the member countries.

When speaking about the future of the Eurasian Economic Union Tigran Sarkisyan mentioned a need to provide the fullest freedom for movement of goods and services, capital and workforce by 2025 as well as launch new common markets.

Deputy Executive Director the Gorchakov Fund Roman Grishenin welcomed the young experts and emphasized a high level of the attendees of the school.

“Now Eurasianism as an economic union is being criticized back and forth, and this again proves that the world is in the state of a media war, - mentioned Roman Grishenin during his speech. – One of the goals of such events is popularization of the Eurasian economic integration. It seems important considering that the member countries demonstrate stable economic growth and if not for the tectonic view in world politics, those indicators would have been even higher”.

Roman Grishenin also said that the Gorchakov Fund had made a decision to support the International School of Eurasian Integration annually. The project will be included into the plan of events of the Fund for 2019.

The International School of Eurasian Integration will end on October 5.

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Photo: Kristina Shilova