Over 500 regional non-profit organizations participated in the work of the platforms organized by Perspektiva Foundation and the Gorchakov Fund during the year

02 June 2016

Executive Director of Perspektiva Foundation Alexander Svinin suggested joining efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in expanding successful Russian social initiatives in the CIS states. He addressed Sergey Lavrov with such an initiative during the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs with representatives of non-profit organizations on June 1. Press service of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation informed about that.


“For example, project “The Most Beautiful Villages of Russia”, which promotes inbound tourism in the countryside. It has increased a flow of tourists just to the village of Vyatskoye in the Nekrasovsky district of the Yaroslavl region from 10000 to 100000 tourists annually. And the project does that on the international arena and is included in the International Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of the World. We support such projects with a grant of the president. However, we, of course, do not have an authority to promote them on the international level”, the executive director of Perpsektiva addressed Sergey Lavrov.


Svinin stressed that during the previous year there was a request for a separate platform to access the international level from socially oriented non-profit organizations.


“We have implemented that request, and during this year over 500 socially oriented non-profit organizations have taken part in the work of such platforms, which we are implementing together with the Gorchakov Fund. We already have civil initiatives that solve social problems and that can and should be represented on the international arena as national identity. Especially, on the CIS space. We can serve as an example to our neighbors and “export” the best social practices into other countries – those could include projects in the field rehabilitation of children with complex disorders, inclusive education, volunteering and voluntary work. It is happening already now, but does not have a systemic character”, the executive director of Perspektiva explained.


He mentioned that Perspektiva as a foundation supporting civil initiatives accomplishes 2 important functions, namely, it is an operator of grants issues by the President of the Russian Federation for non-profit organizations holding activities in smaller towns and villages and is an operator of projects for the Civic Chamber of Russia related to work with civil activists and representatives of non-profit organizations, according to information provided by the press service of the Civic Chamber of Russia.

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