Participant of the Meeting of Ambassadors organized by the Gorchakov Fund: it is important for the USA and Russia to remember times of alliance

13 February 2015

It is important for the USA and Russia to remember times when they were allies during the current period of difficult relations, stated former Ambassador to Moscow John Bayrle in his interview to RIA Novosti on Friday.


“There is no doubt that in such times as now, when Russia and the USA go through a period of tension and significant disagreement on reasonably serious issues, it is important to remember about things that unite us”, - said Bayrle, who attended screening of Sergey Bondrachuk’s movie “They fought for their Motherland”, which was organized in Washington DC by the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Initiative of the Russian Culture at American University in anticipation of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.


A major part of audience, which gathered at the embassy, consisted of students of American University. They asked questions inspired by the movie. In particular, the audience was interested in how it was possible that one of the characters in the Soviet movie (played by Bondarchuk himself) made the sign of the Cross and if the story was based on the battle that happened in real life.


In March-April of 2013 US-Russian “Meeting of Ambassadors”, organized with support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, Institute for US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Carnegie Fund, took place in Moscow. It was confined to the 80th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the USSR.


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