Partners of the Gorchakov Fund discussed economic cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan in the field of winemaking and tourism in Baku

02 June 2017

The Black Sea Winemaking Forum in cooperation with the Association of Wine Producers and Exporters of Azerbaijan held roundtable “Wine “Silk Road”: Economic Cooperation of Russia and Azerbaijan in the Field of Winemaking and Tourism” on the platform of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO). The discussion took place within the framework of a field session of BSWF in Azerbaijan on the eve of the 4th Black Sea Winemaking Forum, which will be held in Moscow in Korston Club Hotel on June 30 – July 1. The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund is a title partner of the conference of the 4th BSWF.


The roundtable was opened by President of AZPROMO Rufat Mammadov. Activities of the foundation headed by him are aimed at diversification of economic development of Azerbaijan and, consequently, at promoting areas of the economy beyond the energy sector.


Mr. Mammadov mentioned that in the recent years all the old companies had been modernized and 10 new wineries had been built. AZPROMO actively supports efforts by Azerbaijani producers to increase export of wine products and considers participation in BSWF, which is the only field-specific international event held in the Black Sea region targeting promotion of wine products in Russian and Eurasian markets, very important.


Chairman of the Management Board of BSWF Vitaly Merkushev is confident that both in Russia and Azerbaijan attitude to wine is slowly changing, but under conditions of excess supply of wine on that market (the so-called “wine lake”) the toughest international competition is present, which during the past decade resulted in decreasing sales from the countries of the Black Sea region: “We perfectly understand that our consumer has to receive a quality product and in order to do that we have to diversify”. Mr. Merkushev mentioned that 2.5 million Azerbaijanis live in Russia and one can logically suggest that the share of the Azerbaijani wine, considering its evident quality growth, should be increasing in the Russian market and, generally, in the market of the Eurasian Union.

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