Prospects for cooperation of Russia with the EU and NATO are being discussed at the conference in St. Petersburg

21 October 2016

On October 21, international conference “Relations of Russia with the EU and NATO: from a Strategic Partnership to a Strategic Challenge?” is taking place in St. Petersburg with support of the Gorchakov Fund. The organizer of the discussion is the Center for International and Regional Politics.


Guests of the forum were welcomed by Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Roman Grishenin, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia Jens Hilderbrandt, Head of the Russian-Polish Center for Dialogue and Understanding Yury Bondarenko, Project Coordinator of the NATO Information Office in Moscow Olga Shevlyakova and Executive Director of the Russian Baltic Media Center Igor Pavlovsky.


The participants of the conference are discussing potential conditions for providing sustainability in development of the relations between Russia and the EU, establishment of a new framework of relations between Russia and the EU and NATO as well as how to minimize political tension and threats to European security.


Russian and foreign politicians and experts from Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain, Ukraine, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Germany are taking part in the meeting. Speakers include Vice Rector of the Diplomatic Academy Oleg Ivanov, Ambassador of the European Union to Russia Vigaudas Ushatskas, Head of the Common Foreign and Security Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Martin Kaco, and expert of the Gorchakov Fund Sergey Markedonov.


The latter admitted on his Facebook page that imperative assessments were prevailing in the presentations of the speakers and stressed a need for analysis of systematic reasons as “the crisis in relations between Russia and the West is of systematic, but not opportunistic character”.

“So far, it is in high demand. There is much pathos while there are not as many insightful ideas”, stated the expert.