Prospects of international youth relations will be discussed in Kuban with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund

30 January 2020

On January 31, Grants Youth Forum of Student Labour Teams “ProSTOskill” is opening in Krasnodar. It will be held at the premises of NGO Resource Center with the support of Rosmolodezh, the Gorchakov Fund and the Foundation for Support of the Civil Society of Kuban. Topics of the educational session of the forum will include development of international youth ties in the Krasnodar region.

The project of the forum targets development of the labour movement and professional training of the youth in the Krasnodar region. The event will be organized with the support of a grant from Rosmolodezh, which was awarded within the framework of the fourth session of the All-Russian Education Forum “Territoriya Smyslov” – “Eco-Environment – Politics”. The forum is headed by Chairman of the Krasnodar Regional Department of the Russian Union of Youth Asker Tyurin. The forum will unite over 100 participants – representatives of active youth of the region and volunteers.

The project was also supported by Kuban’s non-governmental organizations, including the Krasnodar Regional Department of the Russian Union of Youth and the Foundation for Support of the Civil Society of Kuban, which provided a platform for all three days of the forum.

“If today we do support youth initiatives, if we help them, then tomorrow we will see strong, experienced adults, who will clearly understand how to change life for the better under current circumstances”, said President of the Foundation for Support of the Civil Society of Kuban Sergey Petukhov.

Head of the Resource Center Oksana Vasilenko mentioned that the forum would not only have a busy educational program, but also an exciting creative component with tours, flesh mobs and games.

The agenda will include educational sessions on development of student labour teams, basics of social project development, youth self-governance, professional training and a session on development of international ties of the youth in the Krasnodar region. Experienced coaches and experts, including federal coaches of the Coaches Association of the Russian Union of Youth Victoria Livanova and Yuliya Marchenko, will be working with the participants as part of the educational program.

Youth leaders in the area of public and digital diplomacy – Head of International Youth Portal “Kalinka” Vlad Chevachin and Founder and Head of International Youth and Children’s Camp ANO “MostCamp” Igor Novitsky – will be interacting with the participants during the international session. 

“I think that it is important for the youth to learn about successful examples of brave ideas that have been later implemented in order to grow and develop. I am planning to tell the participants of the forum my story of developing MostCamp, which has existed since 2012. Everything began then with involvement of foreign students, who studied at Russian colleges and universities, as volunteers. Today, according to the young people themselves, it is cool and honorable to work as a youth leader in our international camp”, said Igor Novitsky.

The forum will end on February 2 with an official closing ceremony, during which the attendees will receive certificates of attendance.