Rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov discussed importance of the Great Victory in global political process with journalists

06 May 2020

Rector of MGIMO University under MFA of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia, member of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Academic Council of the Gorchakov Fund Anatoly Torkunov made a presentation on the role of World War II in the past and present international relations. The lecture took place as part of the project of online lectures implemented by the Gorchakov Fund. The event was organized with the support of MGIMO University and news agency Sputnik. A recording of the live broadcast is available on the channel of the Gorchakov Fund on YouTube.

“There are many opinions about what would have happened had the USSR lost the war. It was also a serious question during the war”. Anatoly Torkunov introduced the audience to the analytics of the Committee of U.S. Headquarters Commanders on development of the world situation in case of failure of the USSR: “The failure of Russia will result in a catastrophe, which will place the US in a desperate position, continental Europe will be completely lost for the allies. Germany, after taking control over natural and military resources of the USSR, will become undefeatable. The downfall of the USSR will cause a chain reaction all over the world, the resistance movement in Europe will collapse, the British empire will fall apart, pro-German sentiments will spread in the Middle East and Latin America, unification of German and Japanese forces in the Suez Canal region will prevent their opponents from accessing the Middle East oil, the US will end up being locked in the western hemisphere and will have to switch to a long isolated defense.”

The rector of MGIMO emphasized that the prospects in those years seemed gloomy to the US and a scenario of a peace treaty with Germany was even considered.

“The victory of the supporters of fascism would have resulted in global distribution of the totalitarian model, the ideology of fascism, racism and antisemitism. Humankind would have been thrown far back and the world would have been standing on the edge of a catastrophe”, added Anatoly Torkunov.

Old conservative elites of Europe, which were cooperating with the fascists, failed; positions of the left democratic forces strengthened and they started guiding further development of Europe in the direction of a social state and improvement of the lives of the people.

Understanding of the danger of aggressive nationalism and international hostility resulted in restoration of the integration processes on the European continent. One of the first people to speak about united Europe was Winston Churchill. The collapse of the colonial system could be observed, and such giants as China and India emerged on the global arena.

 “Our victory cleared the way for creation of the new world order based on a fair and democratic foundation”, stated Anatoly Torkunov.

Unlike World War I, the foundation was already laid during the war by joint efforts of the countries of the anti-Hitler collation.

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