Roman Grishenin: Success of the Eurasian integration depends on how honestly and clearly we explain it to the people

03 July 2018

The reality of international relations is such that the modern Eurasian integration process is, above all, cooperation in media and communications fields and development of a common value-based and worldview foundation in all main areas. In this regard, development of a positive image of Russia under conditions of international turbulence and transformation of the global order is becoming in an important foreign policy goal. Prospects of development and practical application of public diplomacy in the Eurasian space depend on two critically important conditions: first of all, on expansion of the meaningful dialogue and including more and more specific and even delicate issues of the Eurasian integration rapprochement into it; and, secondly, on development of a system of multifaceted dialogue platforms with the participation of governmental and non-governmental actors not only from the EEU countries, but their regional neighbors as well. Deputy Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Roman Grishenin told about the need of development of the strategic initiative from this perspective and integration resources of the civil society in an interview to Larisa Polkovnikova for Economic Strategy journal.

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