Roskosmos Corporate Academy and the Gorchakov Fund will host online conference “Russian Initiatives to Prevent the Arms Race in Outer Space”

13 October 2020

On October 21, ANO Roscosmos Corporate Academy and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund will host online conference "Russian Initiatives to Prevent the Arms Race in Outer Space."

The main goal of the conference is to exchange views on the issue of arms race prevention in outer space, discuss the role of Russian initiatives in ensuring safety of air and space activities, and consider various approaches and international legal mechanisms to prevent the arms race in outer space.

The following speakers will present at the conference:

  • Alexander Deyneko - Deputy Director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation;

  • Vasily Gudnov - Head of the Unit for Cooperation with International Organizations, Department for International Cooperation, State Space Corporation “Roscosmos”;

  • Alexey Fenenko - Associate Professor at the Department of International Security, Faculty of World Politics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Political Science, member of the Gorchakov Club.

The event will be attended by teachers, Bachelor’s and Master’s students, graduate students of field-specific colleges and universities and representatives of field-specific institutions. The format of the conference allows not more than 20 participants, who will have an opportunity to comment on the presentations and ask questions to the speakers. In order to participate in the conference, please register here.

The online discussion will start on Zoom at 3:00 pm Moscow time on October 21.

In order to participate in the online discussion, please do the following:

  • download Zoom on your phone/iPad/computer;

  • register on Zoom (this step is required to attend the video conference);

  • register for the discussion by completing a registration form on TimePad;

  • check settings of your camera and microphone for full-format participation in the event.

Before the beginning of the discussion each participant will receive an invitation to attend with a link to access the conference. In order to join the discussion, you can also use an ID number of the conference – a 10-digit number.

Duration of the event – up to 2 hours.

The working language of the event is Russian.

The number of seats is limited.

live broadcast of the event will be available on the YouTube channel of the Gorchakov Fund.