Roundtable "Economic Relations between Russia and Georgia, supported by the Gorchakov Fund, has ended at the Georgian-Russian Public Center

02 May 2017

The Black Sea Winemaking Forum, attended by Georgian and Russian experts, businessmen and winemakers, was held in Georgia for the first time on April 27-30.


Media partner of the event News Agency and Radio Sputnik Georgia informs about that event.


“The forum has been held for four years and during all the four years we have been working with Georgian companies. Georgia is an inseparable part of the Black Sea region. Our platforms are diverse – they include conferences, workshops, commercial exhibitions, and contests of wine products. This event was held in Georgia for the first time”, said Chairman of the Management Board of the Black Sea Winemaking Forum Vitaly Merkushev at the meeting with Georgian winemakers in Tbilisi.


Meetings dedicated to development of the winemaking industry and cooperation with Russia in that area were held on the sidelines of the forum. Besides participation in the conference, a visit of the Russian delegation to wineries in the regions of Kakheti and Kartli was arranged, so that the representatives of the Russian Federation could get personally introduced to production technologies of the Georgian wines, informs the source.

The event was organized with the support of the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center and the Gorchakov Fund, reminds Sputnik Georgia.