“Russia and Iran: Prospects of cooperation in the post-coronavirus world”. An online discussion at the Gorchakov Fund

04 June 2020

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund in collaboration with the Institute for Iran-Eurasian Studies (IRAS) invites members of the Gorchakov Club, partners and all those interested in the topic to participate in online discussion “Russia and Iran: Prospects of cooperation in the post-coronavirus world”, which will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, June 9.

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies RAS Dr. Yelena Dunayeva and Deputy Director of IRAS Mahmoud Shoori will make opening presentations at the event. Scientists specializing in international relations and journalists from Russia and Iran will participate in the discussion.

The discussion topics will include:

  • Russia and Iran: what was the countries’ experience in fighting the pandemic and what could they share?;

  • The future of the Astana process under the global economic crisis and the pandemic;

  • Prospects of resolution of the Syrian problem – how close is the final victory over the jihadists?;

  • The U.S. is accusing Moscow and Teheran of involvement in destabilizing the situation in several states. How can we together confront the accusations from across the ocean?;

  • The murder of General Soleimani. Has the January crisis been overcome?

The discussion will begin at 3:00 pm Moscow time on Tuesday via Zoom. In order to participate, please do the following:

  • download Zoom on your phone/iPad/computer;

  • register on Zoom (this step is required to attend the video conference);

  • register for the discussion by completing a registration form on TimePad (the link is below);

  • check settings of your camera and microphone for full-format participation in the event.

Before the beginning of the discussion each participant will receive an invitation to attend with a link to access the conference. In order to join the discussion, you can also use an ID number of the conference – a 10-digit number.

The discussion will be organized in a free format.

Duration of the event – up to 2 hours.

Working languages of the event are Russian and Farsi (with synchronous interpretation).

Registration is required and available here