Russia and NATO can talk. Towards results of the Summer School on Foreign and Regional Policy

07 July 2016

“Russia is ready for a constructive dialogue with leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance”, mentioned Deputy Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Roman Grishenin during his speech at the Summer School on Foreign and Regional Policy. Despite the fact that there is tension in relations between Russia and NATO today, there are common goals of global scale, which are hard to solve on a unilateral basis.


The political scientist noted that any military cooperation between Russia and NATO would result in strengthening of trustworthy relations. Such efforts were already made in 2014 when based on the initiative of the alliance joint work on combatting international terrorism and eliminating insurgents in the Middle East was arranged.


According to Roman Grishenin, cooperation between Russian and western experts is of great importance. Even during the hardest times of relations between Russia and the West, for example, during the period of the cold war, cooperation of experts in the field of military strategic studies did not stop. And we would like to hope that despite the current political situation, the dialogue will continue and result in resolution of the common problems.


During the course of the election campaign, US presidential candidate Republican Donald Trump said that NATO cost the United States too much and he was in favor of terminating activities of the organization.


Roman Grishenin believes that the question about reforming NATO is beyond authority of the US president and that is why results of the political elections in the US in November of this year will not affect reorganization of the alliance. It was noted that the Russian Federation was not interested in NATO’s breakdown because it acknowledged great importance of stability of the security system in Europe ensured by the alliance. It will be much harder for the countries-members to take care of their security on their own. NATO prevents development of conflicts in several European zones and termination of its work can result in catastrophic consequences.


We would like to remind that the Summer School is taking place on the territory of Igora resort in the Leningrad region on July 4-8, 2016. Partners of the event are the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, the Russian-Polish Center for Dialogue and Understanding, Information Bureau of NATO in Russia and Russian-Baltic Media Center.

Source – IA REGNUM.