“Russian-Georgian Dialogue” in St. Petersburg. How it went

30 November 2016

A forum “Russian-Georgian Dialogue for Peace and Cooperation” has ended in St. Petersburg.


The conference, held at the premises North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Federation Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration with the support of St. Petersburg Center for International and Regional Policy, has become another example of productive cooperation between the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Found and Center for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House (Tbilisi).


Political scientists, journalists, representatives of Russian and Georgian public organizations, who gathered at the forum, in addition to usual discussion topics related to events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, also discussed issues of transit of energy resources, development of foreign and national political agendas of both countries, and problems associated with creating a national idea and media space.


Within the framework of the meeting, its participants visited Hermitage, where Deputy Executive Director of the museum Georgy Vilinbakhov gave them a tour, and the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, where they were welcomed by Rector of the academy Nikolay Tsiskaridze.

A trip to St. Petersburg has become the first visit to Russia for most members of the Georgian delegation.