School on Central Asia. Day 3. “A map of opportunities” for partnership and “media profiles”

27 July 2015

On July 24, the last day of the program of the IV School on Central Asia, participants began their work with introduction of “a map of opportunities” for partnership between the countries of the region and Russia, US, Turkey and China.


Associate Professor of the Department of Politics and History at the Bashkir State University, expert of the Geopolitical center “Berlek-Unity” Artur Suleymanov (PhD in Political Science) presented a plan for development of cooperation between the states of Central Asia with the US. The expert defined potential for such cooperation as “a game with a positive result”. This involves a need for transformation of perspectives on the role of the Central Asian region and its change from a passive into an active object of foreign affairs.


When drawing conclusions, it may be noted that five days of work at the School on Central Asia were highly productive. The audience received a unique opportunity to learn views of experts in their fields, and the experts, in turn, were satisfied with working with the audience, which rationally assesses the situation in Central Asia.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here