Security and stability of the Western Balkans were discussed at an international conference at the Gorchakov Fund

29 November 2018

On November 29, international conference “Security and Stability of the Western Balkans: Status and Prospects” was taking place at the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

The discussion was opened by Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Roman Grishenin. When welcoming the participants, he emphasized unchanged importance of the Balkan topic. That region remains to be among priority areas of the Russian foreign policy and events in the Balkans keep drawing attention of the experts.

Roman Grishenin assured that the Gorchakov Fund would continue organizing events, during which prospects of cooperation between our country and countries of that part of the European continent would be discussed.

Professor at the Department of Comparative Political Science of MGIMO (U) under MFA of Russia, member of the Gorchakov Club Dr. Yelena Ponomareva admitted that present state of the Balkans was sleep latency. However, that calmness is dangerous. The expert urged the audience not to overlook the problems, which at present, perhaps, were hidden from the general public, but, nevertheless, were obvious to the experts.

Member of the National Assembly of the Republic Serbia, member of the Committee for Security Service Control, member of the Management Board of the Serbian Progressive Party Vladimir Dukanovic made a presentation on “Creation of the “Kosovo Army”: Political and Military Consequences”.

“Who will the army, consisting of former terrorists, defend?” asked the parliamentarian.

According to him, behind authorities of the quasi-state, which has not been recognized by Russia, are forces, which benefit from a new escalation, new instability, new victims in the region. Vladimir Dukanovic compared the Balkans with Ukraine or the Middle East. “It is like a pot, which has been prepared in advance, and the only thing that is left is to start a fire under it!” he said.

Current problems of the regions were discussed at the sessions during the conference:

  • “The Western Balkans: Regional and International Cooperation on Counterterrorism”,

  • “External Interference as a Direct Threat to Stability of the Balkan Region Using the Examples of Kosovo and Metohija”,

  • “Information Technologies – a Threat to Stability or a Way towards Mutual Understanding in the Region?