Sergey Lavrov: Our foreign policy course is multi-faceted and independent

02 September 2016

A speech and answers to questions by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during a meeting with students and teaching stuff of MGIMO (U), Moscow, September 1, 2016.


Dear friends, colleagues,


I must admit I am happy to attend the traditional event dedicated to the beginning of another academic year. I would like to congratulate all those present and, especially, the freshmen. You are beginning an independent life. Now, all the opportunities are opening in front of you, which will be realized if you consistently fulfill what you have in your hands, heads, hearts and dreams in order to become real professionals, worthy citizens of Russia and other countries representing a community of MGIMO students.


I would like to mention right away that I deeply believe you were lucky as the role of the educational institution chosen by you can be hardly overestimated. A diploma of MGIMO has always been a trademark, a guarantee of fundamental knowledge and excellent practical skills. The university is a unique academic, research, expert and analytical platform where international relations, world economy, international law and political science are studied in an integrated manner. Academic and research activities of the university truly contribute to related work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and are used while developing foreign policy decisions. What makes us even happier is that our Alma Mater does not stop at the results achieved and continues to dynamically develop. Just recently, together with Anatoly Vasilyevich and Yevgeny Petrovich we have opened a branch of MGIMO in Odintsovo which will focus on training personnel in the field of management and economics. Areas of knowledge, provided by MGIMO, continue to expand. The University is ranked high in international ratings and we have a right to be proud of that.

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