Sergey Markedonov. The Caucasus Dialogue, Chechnya, Grozny. Notes of a journey

02 August 2016

Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy of the Russian State University for the Humanities Sergey Markedonov shared his impressions about the Caucasus Dialogue, which had come to an end in Grozny, and his trip to the Chechen Republic on his Facebook page:


“A little more about Chechnya, but now with words, not with pictures.


I would like to start by saying I absolutely support activities of the Gorchakov Fund targeting holding events outside of the Russia’s capital. I, myself, have repeatedly advertised that thesis in my notes as an expert of that respected institution. We are talking about the Russian, but not Moscow foreign policy. This being said, the Caucasus Dialogue should be held in Grozny, Makhachkala, Nalchik, Vladikavkaz, Pyatigorsk. And participants of the forum should understand that Russia is not just Moscow, but it is a big country with various interesting regions and, mostly important, people. And the people are far from dreaming one and all about “escape from the empire” or “struggle against the Kremlin’s hand”.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here