Sergey Markedonov told students of Tbilisi universities about the policy of security in the Caucasus

22 October 2015

A visit of Russian expert, Associate Professor at the Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy Department of the Russian State University for the Humanities Sergey Markedonov to Tbilisi was held with support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.


The expert made a presentation at Caucasus International University and Georgian American University within the framework of the trip. He gave a talk on “The policy of security of the Russian Federation in the Caucasus region: historical changes and analysis of current events, anticipated scenarios of development”.


Sergey Markedonov elaborated on the processes taking place in the Caucasus and challenges facing states of the region. He mentioned events in the Middle East, strategies of Russia in regards to Iran, threats of terrorism in the Caucasus and problems of global security.


A meeting with students and teachers of the universities continued in a questions and answers format. The audience was concerned by the processes taking place in the Middle East and their potential impact on Georgia. Issues of Russia’s strategy in the Caucasus region, current conflicts in the Caucasus and prospects for Georgian-Russian relations were also discussed.

A press conference with Sergey Markedonov and Executive Director of the Caucasus Institute of Regional Security Alexander Rusetski was held at Tbilisi international press center of RIA Novosti.