Technodiplomacy: The Gorchakov Fund will become a partner of a large-scale international project

15 November 2018

The Presidential Grants Foundation will provide support to International Educational Project “Synthesis of Public Diplomacy and Modern Technologies as a New Trend in International Relations”. The main organizer of the project is the Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation. The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS (IMEMO RAS) will become partners of the event.

International relations have always been and remain at the intersection of different areas, which allows them adopting and using achievements of both humanities scholars and people of technical thinking. Thus, more and more attention is given to social network Twitter, which has suddenly revealed itself in big-league politics; active discussions about the role of artificial intelligence in making decisions on an intergovernmental level take place.

However, research of interinfluence between technologies and world politics has just made its first steps. International Educational Project “Synthesis of Public Diplomacy and Modern Technologies as a New Trend in International Relations” is aimed at continuing this route, engaging both experts in foreign affairs and public diplomacy as well as those, which represent a different extreme of knowledge – a technical one. Once united, they will be able to develop fundamentally new approaches not only to rethinking, but practical application of new technologies in public diplomacy.

The project will unite five events. The first one is “Dialogue in the Name of the Future – 2018”, which targets development of a platform for a discussion of current international problems through the prism of public diplomacy, sharing information about the Russia’s position on certain issues of the global agenda.

The second part of the large-scale project will be conference “Breakthrough Technologies of the Future EMERTECH 2018”. Participants from different countries will  analyze together problems associated with interinfluence between technological changes and international relations.

Based on results of the two programs, one task force will be formed from representatives of the social and political field and young exerts in advanced technologies. The task force will be involved in preparation and organization of two webinars for a wider audience in spring of 2019 dedicated to the issues under discussion.

Program “Dialogue of the Technological Future” will become a final part of the project and will include meetings, roundtables and workshops with the participation of experts in foreign affairs and technological development, where participants of the previous blocks of the project will present results of their joint activities and practical recommendations for member countries.