The 7th Meeting of the Gorchakov Club took place in Moscow

16 December 2019

The 7th Annual Members’ Meeting of the Gorchakov Club opened in Moscow. Members of this informal association include active participants and partners of the Fund’s events.

The weekend’s agenda was full of meetings with figures of culture, IT technologies experts and professionals from different areas of international relations as all well discussions among representatives of various countries, who were present at the meeting.

The meeting was opened by a conversation with Igor Volgin – a writer, poet, historian, professor of Moscow State University and Literature Institute and Vice President of the Dostoevsky International Society. Topics of the discussion were Russian literature and modern state of the Russian language.

The second working day of the agenda of the Gorchakov Club included discussions with members of the Gorchakov Club about the Brexit, the protests in Hong Kong, prospects of the Russia’s chairmanship in BRICS, modern state of media space and fake news.

During the event meetings with well-known foreign affairs and IT technologies experts were organized. A conversation with Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of Research Institute “Dialogue of Civilizations”, Deputy Head of the Department of National Policy of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Moscow State University, focused on well-known concepts to the modern world “sustainable and inclusive development”, behavior of current politicians and civil activists, and opportunities for adjusting to paradoxes.

The third day was opened by a discussion with Dr. Aleksey Fenenko, Associate Professor of the Department of World Politics at Moscow State University.

The meeting of the Gorchakov Club was attended by Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Politics.

The final part of the Club’s agenda included a presentation by Vladimir Legoyda, Chairman of the Synod Department for Church’s Relations with Society and Mass Media of the Moscow Patriarchate. The discussion was organized in the “Chatham House” format.

Everyone’s favorite – intellectual game “What? Where? When?” – traditionally ended the 7th Members’ Meeting of the Gorchakov Club. A team of four-time champion Batyr Mamedov became the winner. Yevgeniya Vavilova was recognized as the best player. Representatives of the TV team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Alekseyev and Anna Yangel were present at the game as guardians of the traditions and in order to provide support to the players.

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