The Balkan- Dialogue - 2018 is opening on April 25 in Sarajevo

24 April 2018

International conference “The Balkan Dialogue – 2018” is opening in Sarajevo on April 25.

It is one of the most successful research and educational programs of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. Its goal is to establish a dialogue of experts and young professionals in the field of foreign affairs, economics, security and representatives of the academic community on the Balkan Peninsula on the most urgent topics of the region.

Young experts in the field of international relations, politics, economics, history of the Balkan region; activists of non-governmental organizations involved in international activities and dealing with the issues of public diplomacy; representatives of local and regional public authorities and governmental agencies; students, post-graduates and instructors from field-related educational institutions as well as journalists specializing in the Balkan topics will gather together in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will discuss the Dayton Agreement, a contribution by Russia into implementation of the peaceful resolutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, sources and specifics of terrorism in the Balkans, and prospects of relations development between the Balkan countries and Russia from the perspective of European integration and other topics.

The Balkan Dialogue aims at establishing a platform for constructive discussions, which in the future will serve as a foundation for discussing existing regional and global problems and prospects for cooperation on a new level.