The Balkan Dialogue – 2019. Call for applications!

11 February 2019

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund starts accepting applications for participation in the International Conference “The Balkan Dialogue – 2019”, which will take place on April 15-20 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Balkan Dialogue is one of the most successful projects of the Gorchakov Fund, which takes place in different countries of the region and which has established itself as a platform for constructive discussions, strengthening cultural and historic connections between youth representatives of Russia and the Balkan countries as well as for improving prospects for cooperation.

The goal of the event is to establish a dialogue of experts and young professionals in the field of foreign affairs, economics, issues of security, and representatives of the academic community on the Balkan Peninsula on the most urgent topics of the region.

The agenda of the event includes discussions about the geopolitical situation in the region, trade and economic activities of the Balkan countries, the role of mass media in developing a public opinion and political culture in the Balkans, modern challenges for stability and security in the region, prospects of cooperation of the Balkan countries with Russia on the background of Eurointegration and others. Participation in the project will allow the participants to extend their knowledge of the topics discussed as well as meeting colleagues and friends.

Working languages of the event – Russian and English.

Who can become a participant?

  • young experts in foreign affairs, politics, economy, history of the Balkan region;

  • activists from non-governmental organizations involved in international activities and specializing in public diplomacy;

  • representatives of local and regional public authorities and governmental officials;

  • undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, instructors from field-specific universities;

  • journalists specializing in the topics of the Balkan region.

Age of participants: 20-35.

Terms of participation:

The Gorchakov Fund will cover cost of accommodation in double rooms, meals and  transfers on the territory of Bulgaria during the programs. The Fund will provide visa support for Russian participants.

Cost of the travel to/from the event and the visa fee are at the participants’ expense.

How to apply?

Please use an application form of the Gorchakov Fund.

Deadline to submit applications – March 3, 2019 at 11.00 pm. Results of the contest will be announced on March 11. All applicants will be notified about the results of the contest by email.

Please forward your questions, if any, to