The Caucasus Dialogue – 2016: a perspective from Azerbaijan

02 August 2016

Today, many people in Azerbaijan and, probably, in the whole world still consider a visit to the Chechen Republic as somewhat dangerous.


Participant of the Caucasus Dialogue – 2016 Nidzhat Gadzhizade is writing about that for Novosti-Azerbaijan: “There is, definitely, some logic in it, and those, who think so, can be understood. Chechnya has survived two most complicated wars, the Chechens have spread out all over the world, chaos, destruction and a high level of terror due to the Caucasus Emirate have created that stereotype of a turbulent region in the minds of people.


Not everyone has enough courage to go to Chechnya in order to see everything with their own eyes and that is why the created myths and stereotypes about the constituent of the Russian Federation remain by force of habit on the level of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s.


An Azerbaijani delegation had been invited to visit Grozny within the framework of the Caucasus Dialogue – 2016, arranged by the Gorchakov Fund, where a number of topics related to security of the South and North Caucasus, the Karabakh conflict and many other global challenges facing the Caucasus were discussed.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here