The Caucasus Dialogue – 2017 – a step towards the future. A journalist from Azerbaijan is summarizing results of the workshop

18 July 2017

On July 4-6, the Caucasus Dialogue – 2017 was held in Pyatigorsk with the participation of experts and journalists from Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.


Political observer of Sputnik Azerbaijan Alexander Zuyev has written about that for the official website of the Gorchakov Fund:


“Research and educational workshop of the Gorchakov Fund was organized this year with the support of Pyatigorsk State University.


The program of the forum was very properly made and was so intense that at some point it seemed like we were in Pyatigorsk not for a day or two, but, at least, for a week.


Those three days were more than enough for discussing a number of extremely sensitive issues for the South Caucasus, including the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and issues related to Georgian-Russian relations.


Perhaps, it was also possible to a great extent due to the fact that the organizers of the Caucasus Dialogue once again made representatives of the conflicting parties face the fact that we all speak one – Russian – language and we should learn to listen to each other, at least, during such events.


As it was mentioned on the sidelines of the event by parliamentarian of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Rasim Musabekov, the Caucasus Dialogue is an example of when a process is more important than a result.


“Involvement of the youth into a dialogue, into a conversation not about some iconic figures, soccer players, but sensitive issues of the region is important”, he stressed.


According to the parliamentarian, this way they receive an opportunity to learn both to communicate with each other and to have a dialogue on sensitive issues. In this sense he believes that project “The Caucasus Dialogue – 2017” is completely justified.


Indeed, when meeting with colleagues from Armenia, Georgia, and Russia, and learning about their perspective on some or other issues, their perception of certain problems, one starts involuntarily seeing things, which seem obvious, from a different perspective.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here