The Caucasus Dialogue – 2017. Day 2 and 3. Development of confidence-building measures

07 July 2017

On July 4-6, annual research and educational project of the Gorchakov Fund “The Caucasus Dialogue – 2017” was organized at Pyatigorsk State University.


During the second day, the participants worked in groups.


The first session “Geopolitical and Economic Processes” was moderated by member of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Rasim Musabekov and senior researcher of the Center for the Problems of the Caucasus and Regional Security and the Institute of International Studies of MGIMO (U) under MFA of Russia Akhmet Yarlykapov.


The experts mentioned that despite existing disagreements in the region, a dialogue was always important, especially for the youth.


- The Caucasus Dialogue is an example of when a process is more important than a result, said Rasim Musabekov.


At the same time, he stressed that it was not possible to resolve a conflict immediately. The expert believes that participation in the dialogue of the youth fr om all the regions of the Caucasus and in the open conversation regarding sensitive issues was a right step towards making correct and intelligent decisions.


The group was also able to discuss ways of achieving regional configuration of security.


During the second session“Media Policy”, Executive Director of ARB 24 TV channel Nadir Shafiyev and political observer, member of the Gorchakov Club Ayk Khalatyan worked with the participants.


A brainstorm allowed developing a plan of building the common media policy in a long-term perspective, wh ere the main component will be represented by professional communications ethics in regards to all the countries as well as achieving a consensus and establishing truthfulness.


The third session was dedicated to a role of public diplomacy in the Caucasus. Director of the Institute of International Relations at Pyatigorsk State University Victor Panin and Head of Territorial Representatives Unit at the Ministry for Youth Affairs of the Chechen Republic and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends Alikhan Israilov served as moderators of the session.

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