The Dialogue in the Name Future - 2019. Day 2

23 October 2019

The second day of the Dialogue in the Name of the Future was opened with a discussion about international security and how it is influenced by new technologies. General of the Army and Hero of the Russian Federation Professor Valentin Korabelnikov participated in the discussion.

“Today digitization has become a natural and nonreversible process. At the same time, if we let it slide, it might become a threat to international security.”

General of the Army, Hero of the Russian Federation, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Vyacheslav Trubnikov supported the message conveyed in the presentation of his colleague and paid special attention to a need of developing standards of international relations, especially, in the South-East, where India and China are in charge. One of the aspects of the presentation made by Vyacheslav Trubnikov was influence of ecological problems on the situation on the planet, including security.

Andrey Bezrukov, Advisor to the President of Rosneft, Associate Professor of MGIMO under MFA of Russia gave a lecture on “Technological Revolution and National Security”.

“Today large countries have found themselves included in the common digital space. And now we can observe a very tough process of cutting the digital cake. The countries will have to resolve many contradictions. How to combine “transparent economy” with “digital sovereignty”? Who makes the rules of the game in cyberspace and what to do with global monopolies? All these questions require a long negotiation process.

There is no doubt that technologies significantly influence geopolitics. Countries create techno-economic blocks: the U.S. brings together Anglo-Saxon countries; another block is being developed around China. Those groups of countries have their own philosophy of development and a preferred model of global relations. What will happen with such countries as Japan, Brazil, Russia, the EU member states: will they join already established blocks or will they create their own? Everything is just beginning.”

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