The first meeting of the Moscow Gastronomic Diplomatic Club was organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund

30 July 2018

On July 27, the first meeting of the Moscow Gastronomic Diplomatic Club (MGDC) took place in Greater Moscow Area. The Gorchakov Fund provided media support to the club.

As it was reported by organizer and ideologist of MGDC, member of the UNWTO Expert Council on Gastronomic Tourism Leonid Gelibterman, ambassadors and high-level diplomats from Azerbaijan, Greece, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Salvador and Uzbekistan had attended the meeting.

“The gastronomic part was provided by chefs of Don David, Anton Salnikov (Buloshnaya) and French Michelin chef Michel Lentz. The latter was cooking a barbecue assortment and presented his selection of cheeses, brought from Dagestan, to the audience".

According to him, the ambassadors of Indonesia and Mexico and the Spanish charge d'affaires ad interim in Russia in their speeches supported creation of the club and expressed readiness to participate in its activities.

The first Russian region, which invited members of MGDC to visit, was the Republic of Buryatia. The next meeting of MGDC is scheduled in September, specifies the source.

Experts mention that gastronomic tourism today is one of the most promising areas of the leisure and hospitality industry. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the culture and visit tourist attractions of the country while studying culinary traditions.