The Forum of Civils Societies of Russia and Greece, sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund, has opened in Moscow

05 October 2016

On October 5, an official opening ceremony of the sociopolitical Forum of Civil Societies of Russia and Greece has taken place in Moscow.


This event, organized by the Russian Association of International Cooperation and the Association for Cultural and Business Cooperation and Friendship with People of Greece and Cyprus “Filia” with support of the Gorchakov Fund and the Russkiy Mir Foundation, is dedicated to cross-years of both countries.


Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia and member of the Management Board of the Gorchakov Fund Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexey Meshkov, and ambassadors of the Republic of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus to Moscow have attended the opening ceremony.


Thematic conferences dedicated to the 240th anniversary of Count Ioannis Kapodistrias, the 1000th anniversary of Russian monkhood on the Athos and Byzantine heritage of the Crimea will be held within the framework of the forum. Leaders of NGOs, parliamentarians, politicians and businessmen from Russia and Greece, participating in the event, will discuss modern state and prospects for development of bilateral cooperation, historical and spiritual aspects of relations and assess the role of public organizations and public diplomacy in the Russian-Greek relations as well as the role of Athens as the most important spiritual and intellectual center of the eastern Orthodox civilization.


A highlight of the ceremony was handing of a bust of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire and the first President of the independent Greek state Count Antonios Kapodistrias by the Federation Council of Russia (this year, his 240th anniversary and the 200th anniversary of his entry into office as a head of the foreign service are celebrated), informs a press service of the Russkiy Mir Foundation informs.

On October 6, a plenary session of International Congress “Byzantine Heritage of the Crimea” will be held within the framework of the forum.