The future of Greater Europe: the Gorchakov Fund and PIR Center announce an essay contest

30 December 2018

The Gorchakov Fund and PIR Center are announcing joint essay contest “The Future of the Common European Security. Global Dimensions”.

Current and urgent problems of security today are turning from a subject of multilateral cooperation into a field for provocations and mutual accusations. This being said, when solving exclusively practical and specific issues of security for an individual, society or the whole world we are faced with fundamental issues of human nature, conscientiousness, state, and the system of international relations.

The time has come to think about the future – to create an image of future Greater Europe, space for security and development, where we would like to live. In order to complete that, we need professionals and experts, who have deep knowledge of technologies, politics and law and who are ready to propose solutions at their intersection. We need interpreters – from the language of technologies and economy into the language of politics and law, from the language of corporate and national interests into the common language of security and development.

The goal of the contest is to find and bring together people, who can create a pool of experts on European and global security of a new generation and develop a constructive security agenda in Europe focused on the future.

Based on results of the contests, authors of the best essays will be invited to attend a workshop in Moscow. Here, during two days, winners of the contest will have a chance to demonstrate their knowledge, meet with top Russian experts and explore new opportunities for their professional development.

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