The Gorchakov Fund at CFDP Lecture Center: “The Last Soviet Inspiration”

11 March 2019

The year 1989 became a crucial year for the world politics. In Eastern Europe, communist regimes were falling apart one after another, the Berlin Wall fell, and the break-up of the continent, in fact, ended. It is hard to find a more optimistic moment in the history of the 20th century than when cheerful expectations of the promising future were overwhelming.

How did it happen that 30 years after there is nothing left from that optimism: idealism has given place to somber mercantilism and the spirit of confrontation has returned? What happened during that time with the societies? And how are those events perceived today by those, who, actually, saw them and participated in them, but what is more important, by those, who knows about them not from hearsay?

We will discuss the past and the present in our project “Laboratory of Historical Memory: What Happened not with Us?” Problems of Mutual Understanding between Younger Generations of Russia and the EU” implemented by the Gorchakov Fund and the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy. The following speakers will participate in the discussion:

  • Chairman of the Presidium of CFDP Fyodor Lukyanov;

  • Deputy Executive Director for Strategy of Kommersant Publishing House Viktor Loshak;

  • Executive Director of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov;

  • Head of the Unit for International Capital Markets of IMEMO RAS Yakov Mirkin.

The meeting will take place on March 20 at 7:30 pm in the building of Cultural Center ZIL (4/1 Vostochnaya St., 4th Floor)

Preliminary registration is available here