The Gorchakov Fund congratulates Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Rybakov with his birthday anniversary!

08 July 2020

On July 8, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Rybakov is celebrating his 60th birthday anniversary.

Dear Mr. Ryabkov,

Please accept our sincerest wishes on your birthday. We wish you happiness, health and prosperity. Your hard work in protecting foreign policy interests of Russia constantly needs your outstanding personal and professional skills.

Significant diplomatic experience, knowledge of current problems of the foreign policy and international relations help you to effectively solve the most difficult tasks facing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Your great contribution into implementation of the Russia’s foreign policy course and many years of productive work have been recognized with high government awards: the Order of Friendship, the Order of Merit for Motherland of the 4th degree, the Presidential Certificate of Merit and the Alexander Nevsky Order.

Please allow us to express our deepest gratitude for your participation in the activities of the Gorchakov Fund and unforgettable speeches addressing the Fund’s audience of several thousands of people in Russia and beyond.