The Gorchakov Fund has sponsored the International Youth Camp in Kazakhstan

26 October 2017

The International Youth Camp “The Role of Soft Power and Public Diplomacy in the Youth Dialogue” has opened in Shymkent (Kazakhstan).

This event was sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund. The idea of the forum was born in November of 2016 during the I NGO Training Courses, organized by the Gorchakov Fund.

“The goal of the camp is to create an unofficial platform for communication on the level of young diplomats, strengthen international cooperation. Today modern and fast-changing international situation requires special management skills from future experts. The audience includes university graduates, members of NGOs and activists”, MIA Kazinform quotes head of youth NGO Graduates of Access Program in Shymkent, organizer of the event, alumnus of the NGO Courses of the Gorchakov Fund Danara Saranova.

The attendees of the forum were welcomed by Programs Director of the Gorchakov Fund Nikita Silakov. According to him, an international dialogue needs to be established from the position of “soft power”.

“Public diplomacy is a complex of measures targeting development of personal relations among citizens of different countries. It is important that people communicate more with each other, visit neighboring countries more often and are not afraid of building the dialogue and meeting each other”, MIA Kazinform quotes the speaker.

According to information provided by the source, the speakers included President of TESh Rashida Osmanova, UN Representative and diplomat from the Czech Republic Vlastimil Samek, Consul at the Consulate General of Russia in Almaty Stepan Sokolov, Counselor to akim of Shymkent Danat Zhumin, Associate Professors Gulnara Mamasharipova and Yevgeny Shabanov as well as experts in Central Asian studies and public figures.

“The Shymkent platform was chosen by the organizers for a reason – today over 100 000 representatives of active youth live in the South Kazakhstan Region and a discussion of their role and their opportunities in building the international dialogue is important more than ever”, believes Director of the Regional Youth Resource Center Bereke Duysebekov.

“There are many NGO working in the region and association Alumni is one of them. We meet with the youth on this platform. Today we are discussing what needs to be done for social and cultural development of the youth. There are 12 universities in the South Kazakhstan Region attended by 150 000 students. It is a huge potential, which should be developed in the right direction”, the media agency quotes Bereke Duysebekov.

After the two-day training sessions the participants of the forum will try themselves in the role of diplomats at the conference “Model of UN”, writes correspondent of MIA Kazinform Diana Akhmetova.