The Gorchakov Fund held its first online discussion

02 April 2020

On Wednesday, April 1, online discussion "New Formats of Remote Working and Its Content: Key Trends and Challenges" took place. It was the first online discussion of the Gorchakov Fund attended by members of the Gorchakov Club from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany and other countries. Transfer to new formats of work and its content under conditions of events cancellations were discussed at the virtual roundtable.

Questions associated with the most important topics during these difficult times have been raised including on change of the "human rights" concept after the end of the pandemic.

Today many countries are undergoing a psychological crisis. The population is in panic provoked by mediapeople and fake news. According to the participants of the discussion, one of the ways to prevent spread of pseudoscientific information is for authorities to be fully open with their citizens.

The participants mentioned during the discussion that the issue of exercising political control is very important. While tracking location of the population, cell phone calls, etc. has been introduced, instrumental control to make sure that authorities do not excessively use their power is not in place.

Many municipal systems are undergoing a performance audit during the coronavirus pandemic. First of all, this includes welfare systems. Services allowing people, who have lost their jobs due to optimization of production, to acquire new skills are becoming more and more popular.

It was stated that in several countries the crisis will push the governments to implement practices, which they have not been able utilize for many years. This involves complete digitization of the cities, laying down optical fiber and so on. However, at the same time the issue of national security is becoming crucial. i.e. whether switching to working remotely is safe or not.

The Gorchakov Fund will continue organizing such meetings.