The Gorchakov Fund invites you to attend a conference on Balkan problems

09 November 2018

On November 29, conference “Security and Stability of the Western Balkans: Status and Prospects” will take place at the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

The conference will include three sessions, where the most current issues of the region will be discussed:

– “The Western Balkans: Regional and International Cooperation on Counterterrorism”;

– “External Interference as a Direct Threat to the Balkan Region Using the Example of Kosovo and Metohija”;

– “Information Technologies – a Threat to Stability or a Way towards Mutual Understanding in the Region?”

The main goal is to analyze the current state of affairs and discuss possible prospects.

Languages of the conferences: Russian and Serbian (synchronous translation will be provided).

Venue: The Gorchakov Fund (10/11 Yakovoapostolsky pereulok, Moscow). Beginning of the event is at 10.00 am. Registration and welcome coffee are at 9.30 am. The number of seats is limited. Preliminary registration is available here

Picture: Paja Jovanović “Migration of the Serbs”. 1896