The Gorchakov Fund is participating in an international conference on people’s diplomacy at the Civic Chamber of Russia

13 February 2018

International Conference and Workshop “People’s Diplomacy. Partnership of Non-Governmental Organizations” is taking place in Moscow.

Deputy Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Roman Grishenin is participating in the event, which was organized with the goal of preserving and strengthening cultural and language diversity of the peoples of Russia and promoting a positive image of the Russian Federation on the international arena.

According to press service of International Union of German Culture (IUGC), the conference is held at the initiative of national cultural autonomies and unions of the peoples of Russia and is called to, specifically, promote popularization of the Russian language and culture abroad; increase knowledge about Russia; provide additional incentives for partnerships between NGOs of Russia and other countries; develop cross-border cooperation.

The forum was organized by Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of German Russians and Institute of Ethnocultural Education within the framework of implementation of the grant of the President of Russia for development of the civil society and with the support of the Presidential Council of Russia for Interethnic Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs of Russia (FADN of Russia), the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, and the State Duma of Russia.

Representatives from the Presidential Administration of Russia, Rossotrudnichestvo, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (FADM), the Civic Chamber of Russia, federal national cultural autonomies of the peoples of Russia and the expert community are participating in the conference.

The conference on people’s diplomacy is aimed at creating additional incentives for development of international cooperation, which is one of the main areas of implementation of the National Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation through to 2025 and which promotes preservation and development of the cultural and language diversity of the peoples of Russia.

International cooperation gains particular importance under conditions when many of the previous large intergovernmental projects were put on hold due to tensions in relations between Russia and the West, implementation of the policy of sanctions and other limitations.

The conference should become a platform for exchange of experience in international cooperation among the non-governmental organizations of Russia and other countries, identification of the best practices, development of joint decisions and innovation projects.

The agenda of the conference includes podium discussions, briefings, master classes, practical workshops on the topics of ethics of intercultural communication and development of innovation projects; sessions on the topics related to youth, cross-border cooperation, mass media and others, informs press service of IUGC.