The Gorchakov Fund is participating in the IV Forum of Young Diplomats

20 July 2017

The IV Forum of Young Diplomats has opened in Moscow. Its attendees include representatives from Russia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and South Ossetia.


The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund is also participating in the event.


As it was reported earlier by media, Official Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova was planning to discuss issues related to information technologies and providing cybersecurity in the diplomatic work. An exchange of experience in those fields will take place. A final resolution in the form of a declaration will be adopted based on the results of the forum.


On July 20, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gorchakov Fund Sergey Lavrov met with the participants and said:


“Good afternoon,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this forum. I would like to begin by expressing gratitude to the organizers of these meetings. It is the fourth such meeting held since April 2014, when the Foreign Ministry’s Council of Young Diplomats advanced the idea of a forum for young foreign ministry employees from former Soviet republics. Today, I am happy to welcome all of you here, especially young diplomats from Moldova and Uzbekistan, who are attending this forum for the first time, as far as I know. I am sure that you will find it interesting.


We monitor such forums, wh ere discussions are held in a trust-based and informal atmosphere without any news conferences. Your main task is to understand each other better and to gain an insight into your partners’ foreign policy in order to improve your professional skills. Although your discussions are held behind closed doors, we can see how they develop and what results they bring. In the past few years, your forum usually concludes with the signing of joint documents, which is directly connected with the improvement of your professional skills. We have a favourable view on this.


I have been told that one result of our joint negotiations was the idea of holding more than a regional forum of young diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Council of Young Diplomats not only holds meeting with peers from the post-Soviet countries but also forums that are attended by delegates from the BRICS countries and other regions. They are planning to further expand the horizons. It has been proposed to create an international association of young diplomats and to hold the first international forum in connection with the upcoming World Festival of Youth and Students, which will take place in Sochi in October. I believe it is a very interesting idea. We will provide the necessary logistics and organizational support. We hope to see all of you at the planned international event. The meeting you are holding today can be described as a regional event, while the proposed forum will be the first of its kind to be held in the global format.


I wish you productive discussions, successful work at your departments, good luck and happiness”.


According to information provided earlier by Chairman of the Council of Young Diplomats Konstantin Kolpakov to media, discussions with the participation of Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the State Duma Leonid Slutzky, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, Special Envoy of the President of Russia for International Cooperation in the Field of Cybersecurity Andrey Krutskikh, and Director of the CIS Third Department of MFA of Russia Alexandra Sternik were planned to be held during the forum.

On July 21, the attendees of the forum will visit Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 at the Zhukovsky airfield.