The Gorchakov Fund. October 8-14: What’s new?

08 October 2018

Dear friends,

You must agree that we have had a very productive beginning of October. The International School of Eurasian Integration “The Eurasian Economic Union: Shaping the Outline of the Future” was taking place for a week in Moscow. We tried to provide detailed information about that educational program, share numerous photos and quote well-known politicians, economist and scientists, who were presenting to the participants.

On October 4-5, the International Scientific Conference “Budapest Dialogues” took place as part of the joint project “Russia and Central Europe”, organized by the Gorchakov Fund and Central European Institute of International Relations (Hungary). Top Russian, Polish and Slovak experts in regional studies participated in the event and shared their thoughts about trends of political and economic development as well as specifics of historical heritage of the region.

Last Friday in Rome was very eventful. There, the Gorchakov Fund and the Institute for Eurasian Studies organized the conference “Russia and Europe: Between Dialogue and Confrontation” at the Sapienza University. And just a few hours later an Italian edition of the book by Yevgeny Primakov “World without Russia? What political myopia results in” took place at the Italian society of International Organizations.

This week has started with our attending the 17th session of Petersburg Dialogue in Moscow. Today, on October 8, discussions of all aspects of the bilateral cooperation – “Politics”, “Economy’, “Civil Society”, “Science and Education”, “Culture”, “Mass Media”, “Future Workshop”, “Healthcare”, “Churches in Europe” and “Ecological Modernization” – will take place during parallel meetings of dozens of task forces.

And tomorrow, on October 9, International Research and Educational Project “The Art of Negotiations, Debates, Public Speaking in Multicultural Environment”, sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund, will open at Four Seasons Tourist-Recreational Complex “Arkhyz”. 50 finalists, previously selected out of more than 250 participants from 43 regions of Russia and 20 countries, will take part in that festival of public speaking

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