The Gorchakov Fund organized a video conference on the future of the European Union

08 April 2020

On April 8, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund held video conference “Continued Integration or a Parade of New “Exits”. What Should United Europe Expect from the Economic Crisis?”

An overview of events on the continent was provided by Executive Director of the Institute of Eurasian Studies, member of the Gorchakov Club Andrea Gianotti (Italy). According to him, closing of the national borders by EU member countries shocked for many people. The first reaction was the following: “Does it target disruption of the European integration?” Later the EU citizens realized that there was nothing monstrous about the happening changes.

The speaker believes that once the emergency situation is over, all freedoms will be restored. On the other hand, absence of European solidarity is obvious. When there was a shortage of medications and medical equipment, it looked bad and disappointed people. However, Andrea Giannotti is confident that there is no reason to talk about failure of the European civilization. Moreover, the expert thinks that the pandemic can become a test of strength.

After passing that test Europe could end up in closer integration. The problem is that development of the EU over the past two decades has not been going in the direction expected by the citizens of the member countries and their aspirations have not been completely met. The current crisis could become a reason for reorganization of the union. The integration should continue in a new way. The speaker mentioned that it was necessary to coordinate restrictive measures within the European Union.

At present, all decisions about the pandemic are made on the national level. However, after the end of the quarantine everything should return onto the level of the Council of Europe. The participants of the video conference discussed possible ways out of the world economic crisis for the continent and noted that problems of migrants had not been resolved, but had just disappeared from the news.