The Gorchakov Fund sponsored participation of an expert in a conference in Switzerland

12 July 2018

Conference “Towards an Inclusive Peace” is taking place in Swiss city of Caux. Associate Professor of the Russian State University for the Humanities, member of the Gorchakov Club Sergey Markedonov is taking part in the event with the support of the Gorchakov Fund.

“Towards an Inclusive Peace” is an annual conference held as part of the larger Caux Forum, which was organized by Swiss independent Caux Foundation – Initiatives of Change. The foundation was created in 1964 and provides an established platform for meetings of experts from different countries of the world. The goal of the conference is to exchange experience and study conditions for harmonious development of countries, training leaders with ethical and moral principles, support peaceful, safe and fair co-existence of nations and ethnical groups.

The current conference in Caux is dedicated to a discussion of problems of international relations, peacebuilding an conflictology. The forum will end on July 15.