The Gorchakov Fund supported the Youth Eurasian School in Astana

05 May 2016

On April 25-29, the “First Youth Eurasian School” was held in Astana with support of the Gorchakov Fund. Its organizers included Research and Expert Council of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Non-Commercial Partnership “Information and Analytical Center Eurasia-Povolzye”, Russian Center for Science and Culture, Public Union “Eurasian Association for International Studies”, the Department of International Relations of Chernyshevsky State University in Saratov, Research and Educational Center of the CIS and Baltic States Studies, Research Institute “Public Opinion”.


The project was intended to fill in gaps created by a low level of training of young professionals in the field of development of Eurasian integration and implementation of the EEU project – for the purpose of popularization of the idea of Eurasian integration and establishment of a positive image of the EEU among youth and in mass media in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The participants included 21 representatives from three countries of the EEU (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia) – students and post-graduates of Chernyshevsky State University in Saratov, Gumilev National University, Kyrghyz Skryabin National University, Tyumen National University, Turan University, Northern Kazakhstan State University, Karaganda State University, Innovation Eurasian University and others.


Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Development of Post-Soviet Countries of the Institute of Economics RAS Dr. Yelena Kuzmina dedicated her course of lectures to analysis of an economic situation in the EEU. She explained to the students what economics of the integration union were based on and what successes and failures of economies of the countries in the regions were associated with.  


A lecture given by senior research fellow at the Institute of International Security Problems RAS and Associate Professor at the Faculty of World Politics of Moscow State University Dr. Alexey Fenenko “The US Policy in Central Asia” sparked a great interest. He clearly identified a position of the US as one of the most important external players in the Eurasian region and analyzed how the US foreign policy was influencing a geopolitical situation in Eurasia.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here