The Gorchakov Fund took part in Russian-Belarusian contest “The Union League of Debates”

19 November 2018

Students of Belgorod State National Research University Anastasia Kravchenko and Darya Golovina became winners of youth Russian-Belarusian contest “The Union League of Debates”. A final stage of the contest was held in Moscow on Friday. The Gorchakov Fund, which took part in organizing the contest, congratulates the winners and invites them to participate in the programs of the Fund.

“Contest “The Union League of Debates” helped the participants – young people from Russia and Belarus – to expand their knowledge, learn about fundamental sciences and understand dynamics of development of different aspects in the life of society. Thanks to the experts, who coordinated the contest, we started to better understand certain processes, which are taking place in our friendly countries”, mentioned Anastasia Kravchenko.

Over 80 applications had been received from Russian and Belarusian Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students, post-graduates in human sciences, under the age of 35, for participation in the contest. The first stage took place in the beginning of November in Minsk and in the middle of November active youth from Belarus and Russia arrived in Moscow to compete in semifinals at the premises of the Faculty of History of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Eight participants were selected for the final stage, which took place at the Permanent Committee of the Union State.

As planned by the organizers, teams were split by draw into representatives of government and opposition. Each team had two participants and each of them had an opportunity to present for six minutes. Representatives of the government supported the topic announced and a team of oppositionists provided its own proposals to resolve the issue. Thus, in the end of the final debates the “government team” presented a project of a fair of innovation ideas and project “Like for the Union State”. Their opponents suggested implementing a complex project on mentorship, where youth and experts would be able to meet on the same platform to share experience.