The Gorchakov Fund will support the best projects from Morocco to Uzbekistan

07 September 2020

After the last day of the anniversary International Youth Forum “Eurasia Global”, organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs for the fifth time, we can summarize the results. The present forum has again confirmed that it serves as a driver for international youth cooperation. Following are a few numbers demonstrating what the Eurasia Global Forum has achieved in such difficult times for the world:

  • 165 platforms, labs, master classes offline and online;

  • 160 unique experts and speakers from different parts of the planet;

  • 500 participants offline;

  • 200 volunteers;

  • 1250 viewers and participants of the online forum. 

In addition, as of today the Eurasia Global Forum is the first and the only event in 2020 held under the auspices of UNESCO. 

During six days of the forum the Gorchakov Fund, which traditionally participates as a partner of the event, held discussion panels, workshops and a grant contest for foreign individuals organized by the National Youth Council of Russia.

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