The Gorchakov Fund wishes Rustam Ibragimbekov a happy birthday

05 February 2019

On February 5, well-known writer, screenwriter and film director, a good friend of the Gorchakov Fund Rustam Ibragimbekov has turned 80.

Dear Mr. Ibragimbekov,

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund wishes you a happy birthday!

Being a film director and a screenwriter of a tremendous talent, you make a great contribution into development of the national and international art of filmmaking. You immortal work “White Sun of the Desert” is loved by millions of people and it has become a tradition for all Russian astronauts to spend last hours before going into space watching your masterpiece.

Films made by you have become classics. Love and recognition of the audience are well-deserved rewards for your constant work and ability to find topics, which concern a large number of people.

Today you are opening new talent dimensions of artists, screenwriters and film directors all over the world acting as a chairman of the Executive Board of the International Film Award “East-West. Golden Arch”. It is a great honour for the Gorchakov Fund to support that festival, which has no rivals in the world and which unites audiences from different continents.

Wishing you good health and inspiration to create!