The I Eurasian Civil Forum has ended by creation of the Eurasian Civil Youth Council

29 September 2016

The I Eurasian Civil Forum (ECF) “Youth for the Common Future” has ended in Yerevan. It was organized by NGO “Public Movement Zargazum” and Russian-Armenian Alliance of Youth and Research. The event was sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund and the Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC) in Yerevan.


During the period of five days thirty leaders of youth public organizations, experts, political scientists and journalists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia were exchanging information about current events in the civil sectors of their countries, searching for areas of common interest for non-governmental youth organizations, and preparing projects and resolutions on development of the civil society in the EEU countries.


The delegates modeled activities of the Higher Economic Council of the EEC as part of the business game “EEU Model”. They worked over a membership approval process of new states in the EEU or creation of a free trade zone with them.


Besides, during the teamwork the participants had developed, discussed and improved joint projects, which, based on the results of ECF, were signed by each of the delegates in the form of a General Resolution. The projects included – Program of Students and Teachers Exchange among EEU Universities with the goal of increasing educational level of citizens of the Union; Program of Social Adaptation of Labor Migrants in the EEU; Eurasian Scientific Coordinating Center, goals of which include accumulation of academic knowledge, developed in the EEU space, with a right of free access to it by the citizens of the Union and others.


The best participant of the “Model” was also chosen at the forum. It was a delegate from Kyrgyzstan Aysuykum Talantbekova. She was awarded with a two-month free internship at the Eurasian Economic Commission in Moscow.

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