The International Youth Competition of Scientific, Scientific-Practical and Science-Fiction Papers will take place with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund

01 May 2020
The International Youth Online Competition of Scientific, Scientific-Practical and Science Fiction Papers “Horizon-2100” has been announced.

Young people, including high school and college/university students, ages 16-26, conducting scientific research, scientific-practical activities and/or writing science fiction in the subject areas of the competition, are invited to apply.

In 2020, the International Youth Project “Horizon-2100” joined the UN Global Discussion on the future of the world and the role of global cooperation in building the future, results of which will be presented in September of 2020 at the UN General Assembly. In this regard, the competition was organized in three areas (nominations):
  • the best scientific, scientific research, scientific-practical paper or an engineering start-up aimed at overcoming threats facing the world and/or building the sustainable future for humankind for the period up to 2045 (the UN’s 100th anniversary); 
  • the best scientific article, scientific research, scientific-practical paper reflecting scientific vision of the future of the planet and humankind at the turn of 2100 and prospects of development of its various scenarios;
  • the best sci-fi paper — a fiction story, essay, report, etc. describing imaginary innovative and original ideas, fictional events, phenomena, processes and future prospects at the turn of the year 2100 and providing a scientific explanation for them.
Languages of the project – Russian and English.

Deadlines of the competition:
  • deadline to submit the papers – May 31, 2020;
  • review of the submissions – June 1-25, 2020;
  • selection of the papers-finalists and announcement of the winners – July 26-30, 2020.
Final events of the competition:

  1. Winners of the competition will be invited to attend the International Youth Forum “Shaping the Future Together” where they will be awarded with the diplomas. Dates: July-August 2020. The exact dates will be announced after the global situation around the COVID-19 pandemic is stable;

  2. A winner of the Grand Prix of “Horizon 2100” will be invited to attend events of the 75th UN General Assembly in New York on September 19-23, 2020;

  3. Papers by the finalists will be published on the website of the Center for Modeling the Future in the Directory of Scientific Papers and Literary Miscellany of Science Fiction by October 30, 2020.

More details are available on the website of the competition:

In English -

Application form (download)

In case of difficulties with downloading the application form, please contact the organizers at (in English) and request to receive an electronic form of the application and necessary documents by email.

Project coordinators:

Anaka Satish, India (Russian, English, Hindi)

Penka Doneva, Bulgaria (Bulgarian, Russian, English)

Alisa Shafikova (Russian, English) 

The competition was organized by Center for Modeling the Future (Russia).